The Dolphins Squad


Jobe founded the club back in the summer of 2015.

Very little previous soccer experience (and it shows - they all cry!)


When not travelling the world, Justin is valued as the main man at Moulescoomb on Fridays. Club founder member. Up the Addicks!


David is Mr Pink (not the one in Resevoir Dogs). This Mr Pink is match reporter par excellence and also kit manager


Chris should really be a contestant on 'Strictly' given the amount of twisting and turning that he can do. 


Nige is a popular member of the Dolphins squad.


Peter is team selector and midfield supremo. Need we say more? 


Bill is a goal poacher supreme. Big and skilful and a real handful for defences


Nick AKA The Headmaster. He must have been a pub landlord at some point as he is apt to shout 'time" quite often.

Ian R

Ian is another strong and agile striker wholoves to get amongst the goals

AKA Buck. Like Bill, Ian can be a real handful for defences. More power to your elbow Ian, or foot maybe?


Graham has recently assumed the role of goalkeeper and is doing a great job twixt the sticks.. We call him the 'Cat', but only because his defence gives him kittens.


Running is second nature to livewire Reza. Shame is that we are playing walking football! Many more Blue Cards and he'll be playing patience with them.