The Penguins Squad


Tash is a livewire player with an infectious smile and a boxing glove (don't ask about the boxing glove)

Mike G

A man of many talents, Mike G is the Welsh Wizard. He is manager and captain of the Penguins and also an invaluable member of our coaching team. Club founder member

John D


John D is the Penguins No 1 custodian. John is also one of the principal organisers of the Clearwell Cup


AKA Two Left Feet.  Robin is a founder member of the club and rates himself as a defender. However nobody else does!

Ian G

Ian 'Sniffer' Gretton, nicknamed not because of his qualities in the six-yard box, but because he never has a handkerchief. 


Julie is  a regular at both Friday and Sunday sessions. She is involved in recruiting more women members and is Club Treasurer. 

John W

John W has had a long and distinguished playing career, but less talking football, more walking football would stand him in good stead these days


Danny questions all decisions, including his own. However he would not question that he is a valuable member of the Penguins squad.  Now known as the Marf from the Sarf!


Jobe formed the club back in 2015 and now can't even get in the first team! Blames his wasted youth at a rugby-only grammar school... not to mention the hippy years


A real warhorse of a player, Bob is as keen a player now as he ever was. 

Mark A

Mark is the baby of the squad and a very valued member of the Penguins because of his relative youth compared to us old codgers. 


Rose was the first female to play in tournament competition for the club. 


Keefe is a Preston Park regular on Sundays, a player that likes the open air, rather than the sweaty atmosphere at Moulescoomb. Intelligent bloke, obviously.

Mike B

Mike B

Jon G





Woody is our oldest and he will tell you, wisest member. Woody gets an honorary inclusion in the squad after his cameo in the Clearwell Cup.

Mike A

Mike A