Dolphins and Penguins play Short Mat Bowls

Aside from our efforts on the football pitch in 2016 we diversified somewhat into another sport: Short Mat Bowls.I have been coordinating the bowls sessions at Moulescoomb for 12 years and got a few more club members interested in forming a team to take part in the monthly league matches. It was necessary to co-opt an experienced bowler, Vic Godfree, to skipper our first efforts on the mat, but I am pleased to say that we met with some success.  Joining me from the Dolphins was Mike Green and his partner Ally Barber and they took to the game like ducks to water and at the end of the season the Dolphins finished runners up in the league and reached the semi finals of the KO Cup.  Not bad in our first season together with inexperienced bowlers.

There was more interest from the Dolphins and so much so that in the current season we now have a Dolphins and a Penguins team in the league. Joining the Dolphins squad this year are Justin Summers and Danny Carter whilst Mike Green and Ally Barber now form the backbone of the Penguins squad. Furthermore this year we held a pairs competition for the first time and Ally Barber and her partner Alf won the trophy.     Robin Adams